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Forum Rules

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:07 am
by Forum Admin
Thank you for looking at the rover-forum, to make it a pleasant place to be please obey the following simple rules, failure to do so will result in removal of messages and in severe cases banning by email address, name or ip address.

Thank you for your understanding.

1. Please keep posts relevant to the topic which itself should be related to Rover vehicles.
2. Do not use inappropriate language or images
3. Do not use the forum to comment on individuals
4. If posting images please use links to online personal collections. ie photobucket
5. Enjoy the experience and tell your Rover friends
6. Have a look at the Rover Sports Register web site who sponsor this forum and would welcome you as a member.

Text and pictures posted to this website are considered to be in the public domain and may be reproduced elsewhere without further consent.