Rover P2 16hp Specifications

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Rover P2 16hp Specifications

Post by 47p2 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:18 am

Engine. Flexibly Mounted. Six cylinder 67.5mm bore x 100mm stroke 2147cc/130.96 cu. in.
Compression Ratio 6-1. RAC rating 16.9hp Dual down-draught carburettor.
Sump capacity 13 pints.

Valves. Overhead operated by pushrods from camshaft in crankcase driven by Duplex chain from
4-bearing crankshaft.

Cooling System. Water circulation by pump. A fan and automatic thermostat are also fitted.
Capacity 22 pints.

Lubrication. By pressure from gear type pump forcing oil to all bearings, overhead valve gear and timing chain. Chassis automatically lubricated by Luvax-Bijur system.

Ignition. Coil and Battery.

Dynamo. Fitted control system of automatic voltage regulation.

Fuel Supply. From (approx) 113/4 gallon tank at rear by electric pump to carburettor.

Clutch. Single dry plate.

Steering. Worm and nut. Spring spoke steering wheel. Turning Circle 40ft.

Gears. Four speed and reverse. Synchromesh 3rd and Top. Gearbox in unit with engine. Central remote gear control, mounted independent of power unit. Ratios, 1st--15.85-1, 2nd--9.60-1, 3rd--7.0-1. Top--4.7-1.

Road speed at 1000rpm in Top Gear 17.5mph.

Free Wheel. Controlled from instrument board, incorporated with gearbox; locks automatically when reversing.

Transmission. By open propeller shaft to spiral bevel type rear axle.

Brakes. Girling balanced mechanical brakes on all four wheels giving an extraordinary high efficiency. The hand brake operates independently on rear wheels only.

Suspension. Semi-elliptic front and rear springs. Hydraulic shock absorbers piston type, front and rear.

Tyre Sizes. 17 x 5.50. Easyclean Wheels.

Dimensions. Wheelbase 9ft 7in. Front Track 4ft 4in., rear 4ft 6in. Overall length 14ft 6in. Overall width 5ft 2in. Ground clearance 61/2" Weight-Sport Saloon 273/4cwt. Height-Sport Saloon 5ft 21/2".

Frame. Special deep section underslung chassis with box sections cross-members.

Jacking. Simplified jacking system.

Anti-Roll Stabiliser. To front and rear axles.

Performance Data for 1939 Model

Top Gear Acceleration. 10-30mph 121/2 seconds

Maximum Speed. Top gear 70-75mph. Third gear 50mph.

Fuel Consumption at 30-40mph 22-24mpg.

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