Rover75 2001

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Rover75 2001

Postby OHareyou70gee » Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:39 pm

Hi everyone!
Just about to fit an 6CD Autochangerin the glovebox of my car (Harmony Stereo radio!Tape.)
Got the right harness loom, Radio keys etc.
Any tips on removing head Unit, Air Con control unit etc.
Understand the place to disconnect the old leads and connect the new harness is somewhere behind the cigar lighter - does that have to come out as well?

Glad of any important does and don't from anyone who's done it before!
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Re: Rover75 2001

Postby 47p2 » Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:25 pm

Welcome to the forum, I can't help with your question but please make sure you disconnect the battery before undertaking the work
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Re: Rover75 2001

Postby GOY189 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 8:32 am

This has been covered before, at least as regards removing and replacing the aircon controls/ front ashtray/ cigar lighter/cup holder and you need to do most of this to get at the harness behind the "dashboard"

1. using a thin plastic card or similar gently push behind the
clmate control/air con fascia edge all the way around to remove the black plastic face

2. using the same card and approach remove the 'plastic' wood facia
from the switch bank below the climate control.

3. undo the 4 screws holding the climate unit in place-withdraw the
unit and remove the three wiring plugs from the rear. Store the unit safe

4. at each end of the switch bank housing below the climate unit you will see a push in plastic
clip-push these outboard (iirc) so that the switch bank can be withdrawn.
Disconnect the multi plugs from the switch housing rear , remove and store the unit safe.

5. at each top side of the ashtray unit just inside the fascia there is a
(push in) clip. Push these in and remove the unit slightly.

6. disconnect the multi plug and lucar plug from the rear of the
ashtray (these feed the lamp and the lighter-and can be fiddly to get out
and replace!)

7. The two leads to the lighter may also be attached via a clip to
the rear of the ashtray unit. This clip slides on and off the rear and
is quite tight and inaccessible.

8, The whole ashtray unit then comes out. If you then want to
remove the cup holders do so with real cuation - the cupholders are held in by a thin
plastic clip on the inboard front lower edge. If this clip is not freed
before releasing then it will snap very easily.

9. When fitting the new ashtray unit, ensure that the two plastic protrusions on the base of the ashtray unit are put inside the facia space otherwise you can spend 30 minutes wondering why on earth it wont go back in! this job will take around 30 minutes."

I suspect that you will find that you only need to dismantle part of the facia to complete your job.

Hope this helps
Mike Maher
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Re: Rover75 2001

Postby OHareyou70gee » Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:26 pm

Hi Register Members!

Very useful replies BUTTTTT.....
When I removed The Audio head unit which from my handbook appears to be the Harmony version - says ROVER on the front but it is a Philips with an RG serial number I discovered that the harness I had acquired VUL100310 to connect it to the Alpine CD Autochanger XQE105560 I have installed in the glove box bears no relationship to the harness already connecting the Stereo to the rest of the audio system wiring. This existing harness actually disappears into the depths behind the dashboard in an area between the head unit and the glove box. This appears by touch, to have no CD connector and the label on it (after much contortion) reads 'Service Harness RHDC3KV6Auto' with numbers '011170641080422900 and PJ011163030G.
From other Forums an Blogs I was under the impression I had identified my Stereo unit correctly, got the right CD Auto changer and connecting harness and that the harness connected to the rest of the system in an area behind the ashtray/cigar lighter.
I was amazed by what I found.
Where did I go wrong?
Any ideas - Glad of
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Re: Rover75 2001

Postby OHareyou70gee » Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:49 pm

Hi Register Members!
After the above pessimistic post I had a EUREKA! moment at bedtime last night!
The VUL 100310 harness is not a replacement loom for the existing Stereo connection!!!!
It is just a connecting link between the Stereo and the existing Stereo connection that provides a T-Off lead to the glovebox and the CD Auto changer.
Do you know in all the searches and trawling I have done through Rover forums and in other places over recent weeks I have never come across any reference to this!
I guess they must have been written by people who gave the task some thought but had never actually done it.
It took my nimble fingered daughter just half an hour this afternoon and the Autochanger was up and running with high quality sound reproduction. The 'as new' Autochanger cost me £50 from Ebay and the harness £45 from Xparts. I think an after-parts alternative can cost as much as £260.
Feel like the cat the got the cream!
Anybody contemplating the same task and wanting more detail - just ask.
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Re: Rover75 2001

Postby lakesrally » Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:14 am

Well done, just the sort of posting that we need, I'm sure it will help others contemplating the same job. Enjoy your new sound system.
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