Rover P3 front suspension bushes

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Rover P3 front suspension bushes

Post by modREPM795 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 6:34 pm

Hi All

I joined the RSR in 2007 when I started the renovation/modification of the P3. Progress has been painfully slow but I have just got to the point where I have re-assembled the front suspension and need to tighten the joint pin nuts.

Unfortunately there seems to be some confusion here. At one point in the P3 Workshop Manual, it is stated that the nuts should be tightened with the top links in the central position to prevent strain on the rubber bushes and this seemed to make sense. However, at another point it states that the nuts should be tightened with the suspension in the static position. I set it to the static position but this did not bring the top links to the central position. Instead they were very close to the rebound position which did not seem right.

Is there anybody who knows the correct tightening procedure?

Many thanks

Roy Champion

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