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Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:16 pm
by markgray
ROVER P6 PORTUGAL 3RD NATIONAL GATHERING, will take place on 15th June 2019 at Figueiro dos Vinhos, Portugal.
All Rovers and BL related vehicles are welcome.

This is the third national gathering by what is essentially a Facebook Group of owners and enthusiasts. It is sponsored for the third time by our business MGBD PARTS & SERVICES and this year we are driving down from the UK to the event in our Rover P6 2000TC known as 'The General'.

Our basic itinerary will start on the 11th of June when we will set out from the midlands and drive down to the channel tunnel and then beyond, through France and Spain to Portugal. We will be having two night stops at approximately 500 miles and then at 1000 miles, exact places to be confirmed. All being well we should arrive thursday evening/night leaving Friday as a spare day to enjoy the region. The event itself is on the Saturday and we will be stopping over until Sunday before setting out on the return drive back through Spain and France to the UK again with a couple of night stops again.
The entire trip will be approximately 3000 miles and will take a week and if you would like , you are welcome to join us in your own Rover or BL related vehicle.
Any RSR members in any of the regions we are passing through, are invited to contact us with a view to joining us for part or all of the run down to the event, or even just to let us call in on you, for a drink and a sandwich. We would like to get as many members as is possible involved and for that reason we haven't set our route in stone yet, so please let us know where you are and if you are available.

Paul Williams, the Register's I.T. Guru is going to set up a tracking app, so you will be able to follow our progress and we are hoping to be able to live stream part of our day at the event in Portugal to give everyone a flavour of the event. Paul will be sharing the driving with me and we will be sending regular social media updates along the way.

You can contact either myself or Paul through the forum or by private message for more details.
Thank you


Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:01 pm
by MaynardN
Is there a big Rover scene in Portugal? I'll be spending a few months in Lisbon next year.