P3 60-75 Series 1 Land Rover

P3 60-75 Series 1 Land Rover

Postby davedt20 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:03 pm

I make and sell an oil filter adaptor kit that fits P3 60 and 75 and Series 1 Land Rovers (1600 cc ), my kit is made from solid Aluminium and utilises a modern screw on filter. The Aluminium housing bolts on in place of the old Crosland type of canister filter and the new filter simply screws on making filter changes very, very quick and cheap. The filters I use are widely available and can be bought from most Motor Factors for under £5.00. Old stock Crosland filters are still available at various specialists, but, they are very, very expensive and also very suspect internally due to being on the shelf for decades. The old type of filters are made from a wound wire mesh that over time starts to deteriorate and can rust quite badly and if you fit one of these to your engine it will cause some serious damage by pumping rust around your bearings. My screw on filters have a paper core which captures more particles than the old type ever could and they also have an internal diaphragm spring to retain the bypass feature of the old filter, but, with annual filter changes this is unlikely to ever activate. There is also no pressure drop with my system.

I also make an adaptor kit for early P4-75 models (cyl head type) this kit comprises of an adaptor plate and `O` ring, special hollow bolt, 2 copper washers and screw on filter.

I also recondition P3 and P4 steering boxes, steering idlers and exhaust manifolds.

My email address is dave.dt@frankdudley.com or call me on 07966 136 890.

Dave Dudley-Toole
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Re: P3 60-75 Series 1 Land Rover

Postby P3Steve » Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:40 pm

Hello Dave just fitted the Oil filter kit you sent me on my P3 last weekend. It went on no problem and looks good as well , thanks Steve
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Re: P3 60-75 Series 1 Land Rover

Postby EastEndJohn » Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:22 am

I have read that you make an adapter for the original oil filter (1948 P3 75) that would then allow the fit of a modern standard filter. Please could you confirm the price together with which filter to then use when your adapter is fitted?

Many thanks
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