P2 14 HP ignition timing

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P2 14 HP ignition timing

Post by Tangoman » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:27 am

My car is running fine but I just wanted to check that I have the ignition timing right. I have it set at 10 deg before TDC. Is this correct?
I initially set the timings using the method in the manual but the results were not good, it was to retarded. I've set the timings now using a strobe and marks I put on the flywheel.

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Re: P2 14 HP ignition timing

Post by GOY189 » Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:40 pm

Sorry that this has taken so long, but the official picture is as follows. BTW the RSR's disclaimer applies.

Before attempting to time an engine, refer to “ Flywheel Markings “, after which the group concerned for subsequent operations should be ascertained and attention transferred to the corresponding section of the text.
Flywheel Markings, All Models
The flywheel markings and timing pointer are visible when the inspection cover on the right-hand side of the clutch housing is removed.
The mark T.D.C. indicates when No. 1 and No. 4 (or No. 6) pistons are at the top of their stroke.
The mark E.P. indicates when No. 1 exhaust valve is at the peak of its lift (i.e., fully open).
The letters F.A.4 or F.A.6 on Group 1 engines indicates the Firing Point, i.e., distributor points just breaking.

Retiming the Engine—1934-38 14-h.p. Model
The mark E.P. is 108° before T.D.C. (29 flywheel teeth).
(1) Set tappet clearance as given in Engine Data Table.
(2) Assemble timing chain and chain-wheels in any position, using one set-pin only.
(3) Adjust timing chain by slackening the dynamo bolts and pulling the dynamo away from the engine.
(4) Rotate engine in running direction until No 1 EXHAUST VALVE is fully open.
(5) Remove set-pins from the camshaft wheel and then rotate the engine until the E.P. mark lines up with the pointer.
(6) Two of the lines in the camshaft wheel should now correspond with three holes in the camshaft flange, if not, carefully remove the wheel and turn it one tooth forward or one tooth rearward, in one of these positions the bolts will register. Replace the bolts, recheck the timing and if satisfactory fit new locking-wire through bolt heads.

If the distributor has been removed for any reason it becomes necessary to retime as follows:
1934-38 10- and 12-h.p. Models
10 and 12 The F.A.4 mark is11 degrees before T.D.C. (3 flywheel teeth).
14 The F.A.6 mark is 16° before T.D.C. (4 flywheel teeth).
(1) Rotate the engine until the F.A.4 mark or FA6 mark on the flywheel is in line with the pointer in the clutch-housing aperture with both valves on No. 1 cylinder closed.
(2) The rotor arm of the distributor should now correspond with No. 1cylinder H.T. lead terminal.

(Should the engine have been stripped and reassembled the rotor may be up to 180 degrees away from the No. 1 cylinder position; in such cases remove the oil pump and rotate the pump and distributor driving shaft in the required direction until the correct position is obtained.
The oil pump is inside the sump, which should not, therefore, be fitted until the timing is definitely correct applies for 10 and 12 only)
1934—38 14-h.p. Models The procedure is the same as 10 and 12 models, except that the sump need not be removed in order to rotate the oil pump through 180°.

(3) Set the ignition lever on the steering-column in the FULLY ADVANCED position.
(4) Set the distributor points just opening; to do this, slacken the pinch-bolt on the ignition lever under the distributor head and rotate the head bodily the required amount and retighten the pinch- bolt. The correct gap for the points when fully opened is 0.012 in.

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Re: P2 14 HP ignition timing

Post by jefflee » Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:19 am

Hi Mike
If the ignition timing is 180' out lift off distributor cam and turn half turn.
cheers Jeff.
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Re: P2 14 HP ignition timing

Post by Tangoman » Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:18 pm

Thanks for the replies. I am struggling to find the pointer and the marks on the flywheel are difficult to see. But I will have another crack at it. I think it needs a little more advance.
As a footnote to this, after experimenting with different types and heat ranges of plugs I've found NGK BS6ES to be spot on. I've installed electronic ignition to alleviate the play in the distributor shaft and installed a high output coil.

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Re: P2 14 HP ignition timing

Post by digcot65 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 10:05 am

Is the timing the same for a 1947 Rover 12 ,which is the car my friend own and Im looking at Len

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Re: P2 14 HP ignition timing

Post by luli » Mon Nov 22, 2021 3:13 pm

You can read the original Rover instructions here:
http://www.rover-forum.thersr.co.uk/vie ... da56#p8786
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