Head gasket

Head gasket

Postby P3Steve » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:27 pm

Hello every one. Ive not been around for a while (about three years actually) after a bit of a accident put me in hospital for five months and after loosing the bottom of the left leg a lot longer recuperating. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Just before I had my little incident I'd done a decoke on my P3 putting a new set of valves in at the same time, that all went fine and the car was literally just back on the road the week before I took my tumble. I did have a couple of weddings I promised to do for friends and my son stood in at the last moment and did these while I was pretty much out of it for a while, I think I was still in the induced coma when he did the first and still groggy when the second came up. My son also did a summer season of rallies with it and as he hasn't got the mechanical back ground I have didn't realise it needed nipping down so by time I was back in the land of the living the damage had been done and its blowing between No. 1 cylinder and the oil way in that area meaning the oil pressure is down by about 15psi and it smokes like an old steam engine also running very lumpy. I cant blame my son he didn't know and thought he was doing me a favour keeping it on the road and running.

Still not back to full health (and never will be, to much damage was done all over I'm afraid) the car has been laid up dry stored and I have now found a local mechanic who would like to help me get the head gasket done and start getting the old girl back on the the road but the question is where could I get a head gasket from I have two top end gasket sets all pretty complete except for the head Gaskets so don't really need the rest unless I can help it but being out the loop for so long don't know who's still going who might supply one. Any help please chaps. Steve
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Re: Head gasket

Postby dhbuchanan » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:41 pm

Get your head gasket from Mike Couldry at Meteor Spares Service Ltd.-tel. 0115 9811222- or Mike Evans at Viking Engineering Developments Ltd.- tel. 07879 630511. Both have large display ads. in the back of "Freewheel" and can also be contacted via the email addresses given there.
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Re: Head gasket

Postby djm16 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:23 am

In case anyone else refers to this post regarding head gaskets, the head bolts may need re-torquing several times after fitting a new head gasket. Exactly how many depends on the type of gasket. I think I re-torqued mine at least twice.
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