Tickford Hood Straps

Tickford Hood Straps

Postby RobHomewood » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:18 pm

Can anyone enlighten me on the use of the straps for the Tickford hood? I must admit that to date I have just rolled the hood back and let it rest behind the back seat without any straps. However I recently found 2 straps hidden down the back of the back seat and still connected one end. However I cannot find anywhere to fix the other end which has a stud/popper presumably to secure the rolled up hood and frame. It may be that I am missing something on my car.
The other mystery is retaining the hood in the coupe de ville position. I cannot fathom how that could work without making holes in the hood! I am fortunate in having the 2 straps (canvas with a coloured leather binding) I believe should be used- These have a chrome bracket on one end with 2 screw holes, the same as the 2 which are already on the wooden roof hoop, half way to the back seat. These 2 straps also have a stud and popper but it makes no sense to me.
Presumably there was originally an instruction book issued- a scan of one of those would be amazing if anyone has one. Otherwise perhaps someone could be kind enough to explain or put up some photos of the straps in the different positions?
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