Asleep for 26 years - grumbled back to life!

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Asleep for 26 years - grumbled back to life!

Postby Topvaux » Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:08 pm

Hello fellow Rovernuts!

I had a 1948 P2 12 when I was 19. I found it by door knocking farmhouse doors in the Appledore area of Kent and, with a broken rear spring, it cost me 30 bob (£1.50 for the young ones!) plus another 10 bob (£0.50 for the young ones with poor maths!) to a scrappie for a rear spring. "Grumbleweed" and I shared a birthday (I'm a 1948 model, too) and was one of the most characterful cars I've ever owned. It also gave me valuable experience in the use of spanners and problem solving. I had to rebuild the freewheel, relined brakes and made king pin bushes out of Fairy Liquid bottles amongst other things.

Now, some 50-odd years later, I felt pangs of nostalgia - as you do?

I knew that my Grumbleweed had been scrapped so if I wanted one it would be a different one. The paint finish couldn't easily be replicated (Corporation Park Railing Green applied with a yard broom) so it had to be the essence of Grumbleweed, which I presumed resided in the DNA of the entire series.

So it came about that I bought HOB 601, a 1947 p2 16, from some charming folks down in Rochester. Not exactly a barn find but she had been trundled into a semi-underground garage in 1992 and didn't turn a wheel (or crankshaft) until I came on the scene a few days ago. So, the deep sleep lasted 26 years and the rude awakening was an ignominious ride home to Norfolk probably faster than she'd ever been before!

I spent a couple of days draining out 26 year old petrol, replacing blocked hose, overhauling fuel pump and marvelling that I had a P2 again, and marvelling all the more when I found the coil not only working but giving a spark enough to awaken Frankenstein's monster and even the manky looking HT leads were working OK. A battery hooked up, pressed the button and after a genteel murmuring from a somewhat discreet starter motor.................. Nothing!! Another go after some timing twiddling and - PRESTO!! she STARTED!!

I have four new AVON tyres going on and we'll be on the road!! AMAZING!

Plenty to do though: upholstery, paintwork but not too shabby really!

Can't wait!

PS - Can't do with confusers either - how do you expect me to upload my Jay Pegs into a cloud and then give you the address where you'll find them........... I should smile!! Pity, I'd like to show you mine (if you show me yours of course).
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