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New member in Oxfordshire

Postby weodmonath » Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:13 pm

Hello, All.

I have long been a classic car enthusiast - my first car was an Austin Big Seven. Since then, I have owned a Morris 8, an Austin 12, two Rover P4s, two P5s, three P6s. three Series IIa Land-Rovers and two SD1s, I still drive a Land-Rover, but I have always hankered after a P1 or P2.

I have just been virtually given a 1946 P2/12. The previous owner had stripped out the interior, sent the seats etc. off for re-upholstery and stripped off the brightwork for a re-paint, but sadly died before he could complete the project. His widow told me that if I could settle the upholstery bill I could have the car. I put my hand in my pocket...

The car appears to be mechanically sound. The engine sounds like a sewing - machine; brakes, steering, suspension all appear good. The Luvax is working, as are the jacks. I have started putting it back together - installing lamps, door handles and so on with a view to doing a running restoration as time and funds permit.

The only thing that concerns me a little is the sunshine roof - it's a mess, and not attached! I need to get the cabin watertight before I install the beautifully re-upholstered seats, door cards etc. Any advice, especially how to do a 'quick fix' with the roof inoperative for the time being would be much appreciated as I need to get the car on the road (it's not like the sunroof on an Austin, which is easy to repair). I do have the RSR Workshop Manual, but the sunroof section looks too daunting for the moment!
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