1937 12 saloon for Sale in Tewkesbury

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1937 12 saloon for Sale in Tewkesbury

Postby GOY189 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:40 am

We have been asked to assist in the sale of a green 1937 12 Saloon by the widow of the deceased owner. It is something of a project, as it looks presentable at a distance, but some paintwork will be required.
The chrome is mostly presentable although bumpers are painted silver and the horn, headlamps and pass lamp are the correct pattern. It is fitted with ST51 "D" lamps at the rear. The boy is sound and the car has had its sills replaced; sections have been made and welded to form the curve.

Inside, the green seats are in good condition with no obvious wear on the first flute on the drivers side. Door cards are non-standard. Mechanically, the front lever arm shock absorbers have been replaced by more effective telescopics, with new mountings welded to the chassis. New (Blockley) tyres are fitted that have covered a limited mileage (the moulding sprigs are still evident.)

The car is fitted with a non standard drivetrain in the shape of a Ford Pinto engine and Ford gearbox. It has had a replacement clutch, fitted professionally, recently. It is garaged, driveable and regularly started. Offers around £6,500
Photos can be seen on the RSR community facebook group and will shortly be on for sale adverts on the RSR website. The car is in Tewkesbury. Initial contact through me please.

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