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finally joined the forum ...

Postby ÖRC » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:48 pm

Hi gents (and ladies if there are some in this male dominated part of the world),

I'm from Austria and driving two former british Rovers (besides a Sunbeam S8 motorbike of 1953 also from the island).
One is a Rover 16HP saloon (P2) of 1947 initially owned by Alexander Douglas-Home, british prime minister 1963/64 and the other is a Rover 3500S (P6) of 1971 equiped with a twin plenum egine, a 5-speed manual from an SD1 amongst a few other upgrades. This car was used in the film "Peter, a portrait of a serial killer" about Peter Sutcliffe, better known as the Yorkshire ripper. It's my daily commuter. On Red Bull formula 1 ring it has 2:38 lap time if someone wants to check that out.
Both cars have been back in the UK after their export to Austria for several holidays and were "one of the few remaining british cars on british roads" during that time.
Here they often initiate the statement "you are sitting on the wrong side" by bystanders, followed by my anser "no, I'm sitting on the right side".

The reason for joining the Rover Sports Register forum is that my wife an I are organising the 2019 international Rover meeting in Austria which is a meeting that is held alternatingly by the local Rover Clubs in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, (formerly Italy) and (new) Czech Republik and Austria.
So the next step is to place the announcement about the meeting in the events section.
You are all welcome to join our meeting which will be organised in the same professional way as the last 2014 in Linz and at a comparable and affordable price.
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