Front Brakes (Girling Mechanical) - 1936 Rover 12 (6 light)

Re: Front Brakes (Girling Mechanical) - 1936 Rover 12 (6 lig

Postby Frost015 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:04 pm


As you say, the alignment between pivot arm and entry into expander was not correct, so I ‘corrected’ with rod bends (drivers side only). The main front pivot looks to have been welded at some point in its past, but no packing added .. bit odd, but looks and feels right now. Well spotted on the bolt instead of the pin. .. It came like that, but I don’t think this is right, so to be safe I will substitute with a hardened pin before it goes on the road.

Thanks for info on Frosts Paints, I was planning on getting their chassis paint, will look at your reference. Incidentally, do you know the nearest colour for the engine block (also from Frosts ?) .. I would like to repaint it factory green (badly overpainted black at present).

Lots to do !

Will be in touch if and when a trip to Colchester area is on the horizon..

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Re: Front Brakes (Girling Mechanical) - 1936 Rover 12 (6 lig

Postby TonyG » Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:16 pm

Hi Ian,

There has been a lot of debate in the past regarding the original engine colour.

There has been considerable opinion but the most likely, in my view, is that the colour varied depending on whatever paint was kicking about in the factory at the time. This might explain why some cars have dark green engines, mid green, light green, pale blue, red and black.

The challenge once a colour is chosen is to find a supplier of quality heat and oil resistant paint. At that point the choice of colour becomes more limited and a compromise is required.

It’s quite a fiddle stripping the engine ancillaries to paint it and not something you want to do very often. I did my Tourer in a shade of mid green quite like the original but the paint isn’t great quality and will need doing again. Hence, when I did my P2 engine I opted for Frost Buick Green engine enamel, which I suspect will last much better. It’s a bit lighter in colour but looks great on the installed engine.

I’ve sent you an email via the RSR site. If you would like to contact me by return I can send you a picture of the engine to demonstrate the colour.

Tony Gilbert

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Re: Front Brakes (Girling Mechanical) - 1936 Rover 12 (6 lig

Postby luli » Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:05 pm

In my 1947 tourer the longitudinal rod is bent, and the transversals are straight. In the 1946 10 all rods are straight. See some pictures here
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