10hp Autosparks wiring loom (new).

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10hp Autosparks wiring loom (new).

Postby MarkK » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:52 pm

I have a new wiring loom for a 1947 10 purchased from Autosparks in 2015 and never fitted. I want to change my original plans and fit another new one with armoured metal conduits where required. This new loom still in the box comes with extra wiring for an accessory socket on the dash, and also wiring for indicators to make them work simultaneously with trafficators (relays provided). It would have cost me more than the standard £328.18 due to additions noted. The packing slip indicates this loom is for Rover 10,12,14 and 16. £280.00 including UK postage.
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