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Post by digcot65 » Tue Jun 28, 2022 10:45 am

Good morning, its been a while since I wrote on the forum, and again its my friends 1947 Rover 12 .The first time there was a problem,he went a run and on his return the engine ran very unevenly .He checked the compression and it was zero on 2 cylinders .He asked if I would help so I went to his home and removed the cyl.head Two of the valves had touched the pistons and two push rods were bent.I took the head home and stripped and rebuilt it The head was really gummed up due to him only covering an average of 39 miles a year !!! The head was like new when I returned it with the valves all ground in and two new valves fitted .The rocker shaft was checked and fitted in the correct position I checked the valve timing as suggested by Lui and with number 1 exhaust valve at the top of its lift (checking with a clock ) it was smack on the timing mark .I checked the ignition ,using a lamp which is even more accurate than a meter and this also was perfectly timed .I fitted the head and torqued it down,,and left my friend to fit the carb.rad etc .A few days later, he phoned to say as soon as he started the engine,it sounded rough and when he checked two push rods were bent again and no compression on number 1 cyl. I am having treatment for cancer,so I don`t feel like working some days ,I also have a classic which Im restoring,to keep me occupied,but I have run out of ideas as to what the problem is Any help would be welcome My friend has decided to let a local garage have alook ut one he has used in the past Len

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Post by TonyG » Sun Jul 03, 2022 8:53 am

Hi Len,

The saga of your friends car continues. I thought you said it was a six cylinder model? No matter, it seems to me that the local garage is the best place for it. I think everyone has racked their brains for a possible solution, especially you, so it really is time to involve the experts. On your previous thread I suggested checking that the cam followers moved easily, knowing they can get stuck in their guides. Did you or your friend check this?

Good luck and let us know how the garage gets on.

Tony Gilbert

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