1934 Rover 12 Carb.

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Re: 1934 Rover 12 Carb.

Post by TonyG » Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:51 pm


A recon kit will include all those seals and a jet plus a spindle and butterfly.

You really do need a thermostat to ensure the engine is running at the optimum temperature. Meteor Spares does them but they are quite a piece of work, so not cheap. An ordinary one might fit but it won’t shut off the appropriate pipes, only the rad.

That said, after running the engine for, say, 15 mins, it should be easily up to temperature, especially in the warm weather we are having. Your new temperature gauge may register it as being on the low side, possibly because your car has an unpressurised system so runs at a lower temperature than a more modern vehicle.

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