12 Tourer on T.V

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12 Tourer on T.V

Post by BillMcCreath » Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:46 pm

Seeing Tony G observations on the recent broadcast of the new series of "All Creatures Great and Small" inspired me to add a few bits of info on the background to this.
In July 2019 I was contacted by an agency who provides period cars for TV and film work, asking If I knew of any 1934 to 36 Rover 12 tourers for the forthcoming remake of this programme, the lead character having used this model of Rover. I passed on some telephone numbers and contacts that may be of help, although he did have a possibility of a 1935 tourer in North Wales but the owner was unsure of the cars availability. This was in fact car number HS8245.

Some months later I heard through the Riley Register that as the film company could not source a suitable Rover they were considering hiring a 1935 /37 12/4 Lynx tourer.

Unfortunately I missed seeing the TV programme last week but will try for the next one. It would appear that after all the Rover 12 tourer was made available for the key character's use, but are they hiring a Riley as well?

A note for the history Buffs. HS 8245 ( A Renfrewshire number) was in fact featured in the RSR "Freewheel" magazine many years ago with a restoration story by the owner Peter Miller , on what he had to do on the car after it was damaged by the Lufftwaffe "Clydebank Blitz" of 1941. I took a couple of pictures of it leaving Glasgow's Blythswood Square RSAC rally in 1970.

By the late 80's the car was in Yorkshire being restored by Steve Roberts

Yes, I agree with Tony, that it would be great if more propaganda was given to these very nice 1930's Rover tourers.

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