Slow Filling

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Slow Filling

Post by Creole1948 » Sat Sep 12, 2020 5:47 pm

Since I bought the 2.5V6 a couple of years ago it seems to take longer each time I fill up - back-pressure switching the pump off a dozen or more times each session. My local (attended service) garage attendant first told me it was the way I was holding the nozzle (nonsense - it made no difference at all when he did it!) then he told me it was a blocked breather (so I booked it in and was then told there was no breather pipe!). The manual suggests as a 2003 (53) model it does have a breather pipe (as does the Rimmer drawing - WFP 102412) but I can't find it. I've also checked for "foreign objects" in the filler pipe, no result there either. I noticed a thread on the Land Rover forum which mentioned a filler pipe change being a solution, but that might or might not be relevant.

Any ideas, anyone?

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Re: Slow Filling

Post by TonyG » Mon Sep 14, 2020 10:42 pm

I have no specific knowledge of the 75 but I've read on Land Rover sites about the filler pipe devices fitted to help prevent putting in the wrong fuel. Could be something similar that is restricting flow. Another thought is that your car may be fitted with an anti syphon device that stops a pipe being put into the tank. I assume this would take the form of a valve arrangement that lets fuel through but not a pipe.
If you haven't done so, I'd try putting a pipe down the filler neck and into the tank to check that it is clear all the way. Worth checking for obstructions, intended or otherwise.
Hard to believe it's to do with the breather pipe, if it has one, since the flow of fuel into the tank will be far greater than the volume of air that can escape through a small breather. When filling, I'd have thought the air must escape out of the filler pipe.

Also, I read an interesting review about 75s and the curious saddle shaped fuel tanks they have. Apparently, two pumps are fitted; one for normal use and another to get the fuel from the other side of the tank so the main pump can draw it to the engine. If the secondary pump fails the car runs fine until the gauge shows a quarter. However, the low fuel lamp will have come on. This is because the tank sender is in the side of the tank that uses the secondary pump and the low fuel sender is in the other. Just something to be aware of!

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Re: Slow Filling

Post by RobHomewood » Wed Sep 16, 2020 2:51 pm

Your comment about the 75 fuel tank reminded me of a breakdown (came to a grinding halt on a blind bend in the country with several hours wait for rescue) I had recently in my Volvo XC90 which neither I nor the breakdown service nor the first garage could fathom. It has a similar saddle shape tank with a pump and sender in each side it seems. In this case the two sender signals are added together to give the reading on the gauge. When one sender fails it defaults to a 'full' signal. So as the tank gradually empties it keeps giving the 'this side is full' signal and hence the gauge never drops below about half full. That was a very expensive lesson to learn especially as the only access to the sender is through the cabin floor under the back seat!

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