North American Sales of Rover cars

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North American Sales of Rover cars

Post by Dkenner » Sun Apr 12, 2020 11:11 pm

A different tangent to add to the others on the go. As many would know, after initially looking at expanding into the North American market in 1948/49, Rover turned sales of their cars and Land-Rovers over to Rootes Motors (North America), an arrangement that was to last until 1958, when Rover directly entered the North American marketplace. What Land-Rover products were sold into North America is fairly well known from a statistical standpoint. [1]

I am curious to know if anyone has seen reference to how many Rover cars were sold into the US and Canada? Has anyone been by Gaydon to look at the build records or done this type of enquiry?

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Dixon Kenner

1. Data can be found below
- Detailed exports by serial number preface - ... .type.html
- Sales totals - Land Rover 80" (1948-53) - on page 1
- Sales totals - Land Rover 86", 88", 107", & 109" (1954-58) - on page 13
Dixon Kenner
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