Interesting facts and anecdotes about the company itself
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Post by RoverRob3500 » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:15 pm

I have a VHS Video of this film, produced by The Classic Film Archive, Leatherhead, Surrey for Heritage Motoring Flms in 1992, Reference HMF 1022. The Video is titled "The Rover Film Library (1), The Rover 2000 Video" and also contains the short Rover Films 'The 35th Rover Monte Carlo Rally (1966)' and 'Engineered For Protection (1968)'. The colour rendition and quality of my VHS copy are excellent.

A quick search of the Heritage Motor Centre Web Site does not show this Title to be currently available. Given the importance of these films, I wonder if the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon will be adding this Title to their retail DVD's in the future?

I also have a VHS Video titled "The Rover Film Library (2), In The Rover Tradition", Reference HMF1033, produced by the same organisation in 1997.

Both of these productions are a must have for any Rover enthusiast/historian.
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Post by stuartbell » Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:35 pm

A quick footnote to say that BMIHT Gaydon do now list this as a DVD, including the accompanying two videos of the Monte Carlo and the safety film.

My own VHS copy, purchased years ago, finally succumbed to Highlands-induced mould, to which end I purchased a DVD replacement last year.
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Stuart...."Highland induced mould......" Very familiar with this condition ourselves......

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