Rover 800 Vitesse original mat set - as new.

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Rover 800 Vitesse original mat set - as new.

Post by paulsdunford » Sat May 15, 2021 1:18 pm

I'm about to put these on eBay but wanted to see if anyone here would like first claim... I think £50 is reasonable, for collection. Happy to ship if you'd like to arrange a courier to collect.

I have had these mats since I bought my Rover 800 Vitesse back in 1995 . For some reason I took them out of the car within a couple of weeks of delivery, and they have sat in the garage ever since.

This is a rare, if not the only chance for an owner of this lovely car to buy virtually as new original Rover carpets, complete with the Rover logo built into each mat.

They have a lovely deep pile, and a moulded rubber base with rubber surrounds. The rubber surround is slightly cracked in places but is still strong, and not rotted or powdery. When the mats lay flat, the cracks cannot be seen. I point this out only to be honest about the overall condition. Also, the driver's mat shows the tiniest bit of a 'heel mark' from the first few weeks I left them in the car, but it is pile compression, not wear. Passenger mat and rear mats probably never even had a foot set on them.

The colour is a mid/light grey. Sadly the pictures all seem to show different colours depending on the photo but the mats are all identical in reality. On my PC screen the colour is quite accurate but I think the important thing is that there are original and un-faded - so the colour is exacty the colour and shade it would have been if you'd gone and bought your Vitesse in 1995 and ordered factory mats to come with it.

I'd prefer collection but will weigh and measure the mats if you need them posted, and ask you to pay the actual shipping cost. If you prefer, I'll give you the weight and dimensions, and let you arrange shipping. I'm happy for a shipping company (UPS, Parcel Force etc,.) to collect them.

These really are perfect - especially if you have a Concours Rover 800 for competition entry and require all original parts in top condition.
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